ICC Cricket Academy Ground, Dubai - Highest Team Totals in International Twenty20 matches

189-5Afghanistan v United Arab Emirates2016/17itt573
183-7Kenya v Scotland2013/14itt339
182-7United Arab Emirates v United States of America2018/19itt754
178-7Scotland v Kenya2011/12itt231
174-8Afghanistan v Canada2011/12itt234
169-7Netherlands v Scotland2011/12itt237
168-5Scotland v Oman2019/20itt991
168-6Singapore v Scotland2019/20itt935
167-7Oman v Scotland2019/20itt991
166-4Netherlands v Kenya2019/20itt936
166-6Scotland v Netherlands2011/12itt237
166-9Scotland v Singapore2019/20itt935
165-4Scotland v Netherlands2013/14itt342
164Kenya v Scotland2011/12itt231
161-6Afghanistan v United Arab Emirates2016/17itt571
159-6Namibia v Scotland2019/20itt955
158-6United States of America v United Arab Emirates2018/19itt754
157-5Netherlands v United Arab Emirates2015/16itt490
153-6United Arab Emirates v Nepal2018/19itt730
152-7United States of America v United Arab Emirates2018/19itt753
150-6Netherlands v Scotland2013/14itt342
150-7United Arab Emirates v Afghanistan2016/17itt571





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