List A Matches played on Centennial Park, Oamaru (16)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
4th January 1982 Shell Cup 1981/82  Otago v Aucklanda3167
16th January 1983 Shell Cup 1982/83  Otago v Central Districtsa3535
8th January 1984 Shell Cup 1983/84  Otago v Northern Districtsa3878
4th January 1986 Shell Cup 1985/86  Otago v Canterburya4706
27th December 1989 Shell Cup 1989/90  Otago v Canterburya6361
9th January 1994 Shell Cup 1993/94  Otago v Central Districtsa8475a
10th January 1994 Shell Cup 1993/94  Otago v Central Districtsa8478
27th November 1994 Shell Cup 1994/95  Otago v Canterburya8932
7th December 1995 Shell Cup 1995/96  Otago v Canterburya9511
12th January 1998 Shell Cup 1997/98  Otago v Canterburya10948
19th January 2000 Shell Cup 1999/00  Otago v Central Districtsa12381
12th January 2001 Shell Cup 2000/01  Otago v Northern Districtsa13242
16th January 2002 State Shield 2001/02  Otago v Canterburya13996
18th January 2004 State Shield 2003/04  Otago v Wellingtona15652
1st February 2005 State Shield 2004/05  Otago v Aucklanda16430
3rd February 2010 New Zealand Cricket One Day Competition 2009/10  Otago v Aucklanda20291
23rd January 2011 New Zealand Cricket One Day Competition 2010/11  Otago v Aucklanda21060





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