Bowling in England Under-19s in India 2016/17 (Ordered by Average)

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SN Akre (Ind)60111-11.00 00
S Joseph (Ind)252814676-6220.85 10
H Tyagi (Ind)3421812754-6725.40 00
AP Beard (Eng)234814552-2429.00 00
HJH Brookes (Eng)3481718463-5630.66 00
ED Woods (Eng)2581212542-5531.25 00
DS Ferrario (Ind)4021123573-9033.57 00
MDE Holden (Eng)181310132-6333.66 00
AS Roy (Ind)2821310932-6736.33 00
R Bhagat (Ind)3471218143-5845.25 00
LA Patterson-White (Eng)474824052-8348.00 00
Saurabh Singh (Ind)9015211-952.00 00
KK Seth (Ind)4321721142-8552.75 00
J Sidhu (Ind)10335311-4253.00 00
DMW Rawlins (Eng)10846111-4861.00 00
A Godsal (Eng)10226211-1662.00 00
A Goswami (Ind)6020    
UR Singh (Ind)240200    
D Houghton (Eng)420410    
V Panwar (Ind)12611050    





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